Let’s just be honest here, there are a lot of baking blogs out there.  Some might find that daunting, but I think it’s awesome!  I would rather find a reviewed recipe with pictures and tips on a baking blog than anywhere else (besides allrecipes.com, I love that site).  So, if you are like me, you’ll be happy to have another trustworthy source for tasty recipes and helpful tips.  Not to say everything I post will be tasty.  We all learn from our mistakes, right?  Now you can learn from mine!

To say a little about myself, I’m a twenty-something college student who has a hardcore baking addiction.  When I say hardcore, I mean hardcore.  If I could bake multiple things every day and have people to actually eat those goods, I would.  That’s why I take every opportunity to make something (or make my own…).  I also have the most EXTREME sweet tooth I have ever encountered, besides maybe my dad…  That’s probably where I got it, right?  This isn’t going to be one of those sites where everything looks and tastes great, because I screw things up and I have encountered mediocre or worse recipes, but I’ll let you know all the details!  You’ll also probably learn a lot about me as time goes on, because I, like many other people, enjoy talking about myself, haha.  So, stay tuned for recipes and life snatches!

Warnings: I can be dorky and extremely wordy at times.  I am also prone to drastic emotions and occasional fits of baking induced panic.  I’ll try to stay coherent and concise.  Enjoy!


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